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Abadeh, Abbadeh

Out in the middle of a desert-like landscape, right between Isfahan and Shiraz, is the town of Abadeh. You can find some fantastic carpets here. They are sturdy and can withstand many years of use without showing it. The knot density is 160,000-360,000 per m2. Senneh knots are generally used, and the wool is almost always of good quality. Originally, the carpets knotted in Abadeh would often have the Zilo-soltan pattern, which consists of vases and birds on a beige ground colour, without a central medallion. In recent times, knotters have favoured patterns that resemble those of the Kashgai nomads. It is said that the knotters in the towns have become inspired by the motifs of the nomads, and after all, they do share many common traits. However, Abadeh carpets are usually more consistent in quality and are knotted on a cotton warp. The carpets are also full of small motifs. These could consist of a combination of animals, plants and symbols, such as ‘The Tree of Life’ in a stylised version. Often, they have a red ground colour and blue corners as well as 5 medallions, one in the middle and one in each corner.

You are reading an extract from the book ‘Oriental Carpets, Knottet with Love’ by Martin Munkholm.
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Abadeh Rugs