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Kilim pillows / Kilim cushions

Kilim pillows are manufactured according to two different principles. Some of them are made of old authentic kilim and then there are those that are brand new produced.

Most Kilim pillows are made when larger kilims are cut down in size, often because they are too long. The excess piece is then cut into appropriate sizes and backs are sewn on. In this way they become cushion covers. It can also be because a kilim has become very old and worn. Then the "healthy" part of the kilim is cut into suitable pieces and made it into pillows.
In the same way, bags, purses and puffs as well as patchwork rugs etc. are also made.

In some cases, new kilim pieces are woven for the purpose. However, they do not have the patina that often makes the kilim cushions so charming.
Most of the kilim cushions we see on the market come from Turkey. However, they are also seen manufactured in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

You are reading an extract from the book ‘Oriental Carpets, Knottet with Love’ by Martin Munkholm.
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Kilim Cushions

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