Kolyai Rugs

Kolyai, Koliai Kurdi, Kordi 
(Genereally tough and durable carpets)

Kolyai carpets are being made in Kurdistan. It is a mountainous area with large, desolate areas. The population consists of nomadic, semi-nomadic and village people. Their carpet patterns are primitive, with large, single-colour motifs, although the so-called 'lattice patterns' on camel hair coloured base is often seen in older products. They are durable and charming carpets, which are often made in sizes not tailored to Western demand. These are carpets you buy with your heart and not because the size matches the coffee table. The wool quality is good and the colours consist of red, blue, green, white and black. The warp and weft are of cotton and you can often find fringes just on one side of the carpet. Ghiordes knots are used. The knot density is about 11,500-18,500 per ft2. Today, far fewer of these kinds of carpets are seen on the market.

You are reading an extract from the book 'Oriental Carpets, Knottet with Love' by Martin Munkholm.
This extensive book about all that is carpets can be borrowed in Danish libraries or be bought following this link: http://www.belle-rugs.dk/dk/ekspertise/taeppebog/
The book is published by Muusmann Forlag.
For more info: muusmann-forlag.dk

See video about Kolyai rugs here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/RqRdS6f6zpo 

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Kolyai Rugs


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