Lavar-Kirman Rugs

Kirman, Kerman, Kirman-Lavar, Lavar Kerman, Kirman-Ravar 

About 320 km south-east of Yazd, you find Kirman, the capital of the province bearing the same name. In and around Kirman, carpets have been knotted since the 1500s or earlier. These days, Kirman carpets can fluctuate greatly in quality, like all other Iranian carpets. Some of the cheapest carpets on the market come from here, but I visited a workshop in town where they knotted more than 1 million knots per m2 using very good raw materials. When considering antique carpets, the carpets from Kirman and Ravar (Lavar) are very sought after, despite the fact that local production has always remained non-commercial and never tried to match demand. Kirman is known for fine carpets with motifs of people and animals as well as striped carpets, carpets with large unicoloured fields and medallions, as well as carpets with many nice flower motifs. Some of the most expensive carpets ever to appear on the market were knotted in this province. The wool and dyes are absolutely amazing, particularly on the old carpets. The knot density can vary greatly and is between 23,000 and 69,000 per ft2. The antique carpets have a knot density of 46,000 - 74,000 knots per ft2.

You are reading an extract from the book ‘Oriental Carpets, Knottet with Love’ by Martin Munkholm.
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Lavar-Kirman Rugs