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Meschajechi, Sarab

Sarab, Serab

From a quality perspective, you can compare the Sarab carpets with the carpets from Lambaran. However, the patterns are quite different. The Sarab carpets often have a somewhat stretched hexagon, and the colours tend to be dominated by the camel hair coloured wool. You can also find newer, different carpets from this region, which are called Sarab Mashayekhi (Mashayakhi). They are commercially produced and resemble carpets from Ardebil, Moud or Tabriz Marhi. They are typically rust coloured and can sometimes be of very good quality. The original Sarab carpets usually use a mix of natural and synthetic dyes., The knot density is 120,000 - 180,000 knots per m2. The Mashayekhi carpets have a knot density of 33,000 - 69,000 knots per ft2.

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