Turkoman Rugs

Turkmenistan Yomud, Yomut, Youmud, Youmut, Jamoud Bokhara, Bochara Yomud- og Bokhara-tæpperne

 Yomud and Bokhara carpets are knotted in the large area north of Iran, east of the Caspian Sea and towards Afghanistan to the east. The carpets are knotted by nomads, semi-nomadic people and villagers. Carpet production is not a new phenomenon in this area, with the tradition dating back hundreds of years. The Venetian explorer Marco Polo wrote enthusiastically about the fine, hand-knotted carpets that he had seen in this area. Many different carpets are being made here, and by many different nomadic tribes. Common to them all is the dominant red colour, which appears in many nuances. Bochara is a common carpet name, but it does not always mean that the carpets were knotted in that town. It is an important gathering point for the area, and the carpets are therefore called Bochara carpets. The patterns are often a tarantula pattern or one or more rows of octagons, also called roses (Güll). The contrast colours to the red ground colour consist of black, indigo or beige. The carpets are knotted on a horizontal loom, with good quality wool and a density of 15,000-46,000 knots per m2. Turkmenistan is not part of Iran, and therefore Turkmen carpets are not among my areas of specialisation. However, I do come across them because quite a few end up in Iran when the nomads cross the borders back and forth. The same applies to the Belouchi nomads, which is described further in my book.

Carpets from Turkmenistan 

The history and fate of Turkmen carpets is reminiscent of the Caucasian. The old and antique carpets from this area are very much in demand among collectors, and some of them are very valuable. However, in Turkmenistan you can still find extensive production of carpets, even though the prices are increasing here as well. They are typically good, durable carpets in red colours and at reasonable prices.

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