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 Yalameh, Yalame, Jalame

 Further towards the east, in the area south and south-east of Isfahan, is where the Yalameh carpets are being produced. These beautiful carpets are being knotted mostly by villagers who previously lived nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyles. Faithful to tradition, they knot using a horizontal loom, and the patterns are very much related to the stylised medallions – animals, plants and human figures – that the Luri and Kashgai nomads use. The colour scheme is however rather different. The Yalameh carpets are light, golden and cream coloured, with contrasts in indigo, black and light blueish and greenish colours. The wool is generally of good quality and they use natural dyes. They are knotted on a wool warp with 17,000-33,000 knots per ft2, and both Ghiordes and Senneh knots are used. The Yalameh carpets surprise many by being more durable than they might have thought. They can seem a little loose when you touch them, but this is because they are knotted on wool warp. The best ones are made in the villages of Talkhooncheh og Aliabad. They are referred to among carpet merchants as Yalameh-Aliabad.

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Char-Har-Mahal and the Baktiari-province

The Char-Har-Mahal and Bakhtiar area borders Luristan to the west and Hamadan and Arak to the north, while to the east you can find the town of Isfahan and to the south the Kashgai area. Nomads and villagers knot sturdy, durable carpets in this area. The nomads use horizontal looms, while the villagers use vertical looms. The carpets from the different families in the various towns each have their own individual characteristics. Unfortunately, some of these characteristics are disappearing because carpet production has gradually become more standardised. 

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