Yoruk Rugs

 Yoruk, Anatolien

Turkish carpets 

Turkish carpets are just as authentic and original as Persian. The fine, antique and old carpets are in demand and valuable.  However, the wages in Turkey have become too high to sustain quality carpet production at reasonable prices. Compared to Persian carpets, the Turkish carpets are rather expensive and they are being produced in far smaller quantities these days. Turkey has become a favourite travel destination, so some carpets are being made specifically for the tourist market. There are some beautiful and original Turkish carpets on the market, but they are hard to find and you need to inspect them thoroughly and be very critical if you are considering buying one.

You are reading an extract from the book ‘Oriental Carpets, Knottet with Love’ by Martin Munkholm.
This extensive book about all that is carpets can be borrowed in Danish libraries or be bought following this link: http://www.belle-rugs.dk/dk/ekspertise/taeppebog/
The book is published by Muusmann Forlag.
For more info: muusmann-forlag.dk

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Yoruk Rugs