Book on Oriental carpets and rugs ‘Oriental Carpets & Rugs – Knotted with Love’

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Book on Oriental carpets and rugs ‘Oriental Carpets & Rugs – Knotted with Love’

This recognized book is a lively and captivating story about Oriental carpets and rugs, what they are and what it takes to create one.

The book is for anyone interested in interior decoration, design, handicraft and, of course, Oriental carpets and rugs. The book that contains 268 pages is brought to life by more than 650 pictures and illustrations.

This light, yet informative text presents the reader to the history of Oriental carpets, a comparison of current and old production methods and to today's carpet market. However, the book also includes captivating stories about exceptional deals worth millions, the creation of the world’s largest carpet measuring over 5,600 square metres. Last but not least, the personal experience of the family and author with the nomads and villages far out in the Iranian countryside.

The book is for anyone who owns an Oriental carpet or plans to acquire this beautiful specimen of handicraft. It will provide a potential carpet buyer with the information needed to avoid the numerous pitfalls on the market.

The author, Martin Munkholm, has practically grown up in a carpet shop. Oriental carpets have thus been a natural part of his life since childhood. As a 16-year-old, Martin worked as a shepherd in England for three months. He then learned the trade of carpet merchant in Hamburg, at one of the largest wholesale businesses for Persian carpets at that time.

He was the president of Brancheforeningen For Orientalske Tæpper (the Danish Association for Oriental Carpets and Rugs), 2009 - 2016 and has lectured at university level on the subject of Iranian carpets. He has participated in several interviews and TV programmes on Iranian television. Martin and his family are also the creators of the documentary ‘Authentic Oriental Carpet Love’, which was broadcast on the Danish station dk4. He has also appeared as expert of the night on KONTANT, a consumer programme on Danish national television, and he is a proficient speaker.

Librarian’s review (excerpt):

This compelling book on Persian carpets is an excellent reference book and a very informative read for anyone interested in Oriental carpets. It is for both beginners and specialised collectors.

An impressive, comprehensible, fact-filled modern book that captures the author’s extensive knowledge and passion about Oriental carpets. History, social factors, people and carpets are wonderfully weaved together by the author, and the reader will gain an understanding of how to assess Oriental carpets.

To my knowledge, there is nothing available in Danish that offers the same depth when it comes to Iranian carpets. 

The book is recommended for most libraries.

Thomas Ry Andersen